Walking the babies

I have recently started referring to our dobermans as our “babies.” Which probably confuses some, but they are like our children!

Elsa and Alice: the “babies”

So far most of break has involved walking the dogs, hanging out with them, and eating. Not bad, eh?? I would have liked to go hiking but it’s been so rainy and my rain gear isn’t 100% downpour proof (I will have to look into that).


I can’t stop “oohing” and “ahhing” at how beautifully GREEN it is here.


Also yesterday we saw STAR WARS: the Force Awakens. There were some annoyingly loud teens in line with us who were there for the third time, and they were talking SO LOUDLY about Star Wars and I swear, had I heard a spoiler while in line to see the new movie, I would have lost my shit. GAHHH. Fortunately I did not hear anything. Phew. Crisis avoided.


The movie was so fun. I definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to see it not in 3D (kind of distracting, but they were the only tickets available).

Husband walks adorable pups.

Next on the agenda:

  1. Pack for Texas!
  2. Start and finish Christmas shopping
  3. Continue snuggling and walking the babies 🙂

Elsa’s adoption story


Our whole family has grown up with dogs, specifically dobermans. And we are all 100% OBSESSED. The hardest part about leaving for college was not having a dog.

My sister, Georgia Mae (GM), and I were living together (still are! Yay!) and decided that we could no longer live dog-less.

And once I set my mind to something, well that thing will happen.

I only had to search around for a week before I found a puppy from a reputable breeder in our area. When I called, however, the puppy had already been spoken for.

While investigating the website about the puppy, I did notice a photo of a rescue doberman in the area. So when they told me the puppy already had a home, I expressed interest in the rescue. The breeder told me she would put me in contact with the rescue dobie’s foster mom, and that she would be in touch.

dixie2013 [photo from utahdobes.org]

The rescue had been found roaming the streets in Kalispell. When the animal shelter picked her up she had a skin infection and was quite malnourished. She was with the animal shelter less than a week, then the Utah Doberman Rescue arranged her to live with a foster mom until a forever home could be found. Dobermans are very high demand dogs, and it’s imperative they find homes that understand their specific needs. This rescue matches dobermans and homes.

Half hour after talking to the breeder, the foster mom called me, and we planned to come meet this rescue the next day.

[Please note at this point we went from 0 —> possible dog in 0.5 hours]

The next day GM, our friend Hailey, Jacob (boyfriend then, husband now), and I took the long, winding, snowy, and slightly terrifying road to meet this rescue dog.

She had been abused. Found roaming the street. Her previous owners were drug dealers.

She was timid. She was balding.

One ear didn’t stand properly.

And we absolutely, without a doubt, fell head over heels in LOVE.

The moment our eyes locked we knew it was meant to be. Dogs are the reason I believe in love at first sight. She has such a loving, eager to please calmness about her, and she looked deep into our eyes and I swear she was telling us that she loved us back.

She warmed up to us instantly. It was crazy. To this day I have never seen her warm up to anyone that fast, much less fast at all. She is still shy around men especially, but she loved Jacob the minute she saw him and has never been timid around him.

On the drive home we began talking about all the hard work associated with dog ownership: the time, the commitment, money, sacrifices, etc. But then we realized that, despite all this, she was worth it. That night driving home, we decided to give this dog the best rest of her life that she deserves.


We decided on the name Elsa. Yes, after the movie Frozen. Both have been through so much and both are so sweet and loving and strong despite everything. Plus, we loved the thought of naming a badass dog after a Disney princess.

The next day her foster mom called us and told us that she was ours if we so wished as long as we passed a home inspection.

The next weekend she was home with us for good. And boy has she turned into quite the adventure!


To be continued..