Westcave Nature Preserve [near Austin, Texas]


Saturday January 2 we picked up our rental car in Dripping Springs, and headed right to Westcave just in time for the noon tour. I was worried that we might not get there in time (they cap tours at 30 people) but our whole group ended up only having about a dozen people.

Click here for more info about Westcave. 

Tour Guide!

The Great: The falls were beautiful, the rain had stopped, and our tour guide was very informative. I loved learning about how all the caves and waterfalls were formed over time. After the tour, we did the Uplands trail loop (a little over a mile I think??) to finish up.

See the small brown star-shaped thing? that’s a mushroom!

The Frustrating: (nothing to do with the tour) my camera shutter button has been so hard to press lately that especially in lower light settings like the caves, when I’m having to press so hard just to take the d@mn photo it moves the camera. Making it extra hard to get a crisp photo. Bleh.








Overall: $10 per person for a 90-min tour + access to the Uplands trail was definitely worth it. I would love to visit again when it’s even greener, but I wish we wouldn’t have to have another tour to do so. Ah well.

The cave! Different from the mossy cave.
Entrance to the cave where stalagmites and stalactites have grown together to form new rock.

Recommendation: Westcave is only a couple miles away from Hamilton pool (see my post here), so combining these two attractions would make for a great afternoon!




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