San Antonio [part II]

This was the best day that we never expected. We knew we wanted to visit the missions but we had no idea how epic of a day it would turn out to be!

On the taxi ride to San Juan Mission, our driver told us about the bike rental stations, and we decided that would be our best route to explore all of the missions (The 5 missions total, including the Alamo, span over 10 miles apart). Click here for info on the bikes. 


Our Route: [See map below] We took a taxi to San Juan Mission, then biked south to Mission Espada, then headed north to visit the rest of the missions. While we did go to the Alamo (Mission Valero on the map), we skipped the tour to save on waiting in line. We dropped the bikes off downtown then continued north on the RiverWalk for another mile or so before turning around.


The Day: We spent all day- and I mean all day- either walking or riding bikes and we saw all of the missions! The only time we stopped to sit down was when we finally had lunch around 4 PM. I’m talking 14+ hours of activity here, people. As I write this over 2 days later, I’m still a little pooped from it.

The good: Gorgeous missions, no entrance fees, and the bikes were only $10/person/day. Score! Definitely one of the highlights of this Texas trip for me.

The downsides: For us it was a BLAST, but if you’re not up for such an active day, this is not for you. I don’t know how many miles we ended up covering over the entire day, but it was A LOT. And the bikes, while awesome, are HUGE and HEAVY and have only three gears so all of the slight hills were tough! Also I haven’t been on a bike in 2+ years so by the end of the day my potootie hurt so bad!

Recommendations: Pack layers, bring snacks or be prepared to buy them, and make sure you are up for a bit of a challenge!

The fun part, the PHOTOS!!!!!!: 

Mission San Juan


Mission Espada 
That’s me in the red!



Mission San Jose 










*** I didn’t take any photos at the Alamo since there were so many people!!***

I’ll be back with more adventures and photos soon. Xoxo -halley


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