Urban adventure and bath time

Today GM, Jacob, and I hiked (walked?) to the top of a residential mountain near my parents’ home. image

What a great time! It took about an hour, views were pretty, and I broke a little sweat. Perfect!


Plus we saw some GORGEOUS trees!


My wool socks and hiking boots bring all the boys to the yard. 

When we got home it was time to get to work. Bath time for Elsa! 

Elsa makes bath time easy. All we do is draw the bath, tell her to get in, then suds her up and rinse her down and she’s good to go! Water does get everywhere, though, hence the sports bras. 😀

Now she’s so soft and clean! Merry Christmas Eve!


I’m so fresh so fresh so fresh so fresh so clean.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? How do you bathe your pups?


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