Walking the babies

I have recently started referring to our dobermans as our “babies.” Which probably confuses some, but they are like our children!

Elsa and Alice: the “babies”

So far most of break has involved walking the dogs, hanging out with them, and eating. Not bad, eh?? I would have liked to go hiking but it’s been so rainy and my rain gear isn’t 100% downpour proof (I will have to look into that).


I can’t stop “oohing” and “ahhing” at how beautifully GREEN it is here.


Also yesterday we saw STAR WARS: the Force Awakens. There were some annoyingly loud teens in line with us who were there for the third time, and they were talking SO LOUDLY about Star Wars and I swear, had I heard a spoiler while in line to see the new movie, I would have lost my shit. GAHHH. Fortunately I did not hear anything. Phew. Crisis avoided.


The movie was so fun. I definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to see it not in 3D (kind of distracting, but they were the only tickets available).

Husband walks adorable pups.

Next on the agenda:

  1. Pack for Texas!
  2. Start and finish Christmas shopping
  3. Continue snuggling and walking the babies 🙂

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