Finals are OVER

As a fourth year pharmacy student on rotations, I do not have finals. Everyone in my house, however, (friends, sister, husband) did. Needless to say it’s been an exhausting week for everyone.

Since I didn’t have finals, I picked up as many hours at work as I could. Between  Zumba, working as a pharmacy intern, and nannying, I added 30ish work hours to my 45-hour rotation week, and ended up working 11 days in a row. Phew! I am always pumped for extra hours, especially now that we have so many trips coming up.

Also, we have something extra to celebrate and be thankful for today:

For the first time in 10 months, Elsa’s platelets and redblood cell counts are mid-normal. Normal! YAY! Not dangerously low, not lower end of normal, but beautifully, finally, normal.

Elsa is a party animal

I will post later about all her health issues (poor bean), but for now we can count this as a small victory.


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