Body goals

I bet you were expecting to see some workout plan or celebrity inspiration. RIGHT??? WRONG.

[along this note, can we address the hilarity of pick-up lines only photographers  can use: *walks up to attractive person with camera* “hey, nice body!” *attractive person not offended* “It’s a Canon 5D Mark III and I love it!” OMG. please someone use this line and tell me about it. and then invite me to your wedding when it works.]


Today let’s talk about *camera* body goals.

My current set-up:

-Canon 40D body

-Canon 20mm 2.8 lens

-Canon 50mm 1.8 “plastic fantastic” lens

-I also have the ‘kit lens’ 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 lens but I never use it and kind of hate it.

I love my camera, don’t get me wrong, but I’m on the prowl for an upgrade at some point in the future. I have been working with the same body since 2008ish and the shutter button has recently been threatening to quit on me.

My heart says new body, but my bank says NO. 

Hopefully my husband and I will be upgrading to a better body within the next year, so as to better document our trips and hikes and campings (camps? camping trips?).

Here’s what we’re thinking: Canon 6D.

It’s lighter than similar models (good for hiking and backpacking).

It’s relatively affordable (read: between $1,200-1,400).

Full-frame sensor.

Eventually when we have more money (when I’m a full-fledged pharmacist! Heck yeah!) we plan to add a few more lenses as well, but for now we are loving the fixed-state 20mm especially for all our landscapes.

What are your favorite cameras? Favorite lenses?


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