An adventure’s an adventure no matter how small


These days it’s easy to get caught up in the travel blogs, stunning instagram accounts, and numerous photographers documenting their worldwide adventures. We are able to pour over their art and envy their ability to travel seemingly wherever, whenever they want.

While these provide inspiration and entertainment, adventure does not need to be, and should not be, a spectator sport. Not everyone (in fact, I would say most people) do not have lives that allow for sporadic vacations and being gone for the majority of the year, and that is OKAY. Sometimes adventures are backpacking across Asia, and sometimes adventures are taking your dog for a mid-day walk.

As a student, I am on rotations or have class Monday through Friday, and usually work at least one weekend day. This leaves one day free per week, maybe two. Some weeks, a short hike must satiate my wanderlust so that I can work towards an even bigger adventure.

It is hard not to compare your travels with everyone else. Everyone has those friends or follows the travels of people who are able to traverse the globe, take stunning photos of it all, and look model-perfect the whole trip. I have found that as long as what I am doing makes me happy, then I do not need to feel left out or envious of their travels. Hiking around Montana makes me feel alive, strong, empowered, and refreshed. Focusing on my own adventures, while still enjoying travel blogs and photography, satisfies my travel cravings.

Just because giant adventures seem out-of-reach does not mean you should ever stop exploring. To people around the world, your location is exotic. Find trails. Explore nearby parks (national, state, or neighborhood), research, plan, save, and have fun.

You don’t need to travel the world to consider yourself an adventurer. Explore the world around you. Make short trips, take day hikes, or even walk around your neighborhood. If you want to venture further, save save save (we’ll talk about this in a later post).

Allow yourself to be inspired, not envious.

Enjoy your adventures, big and small.


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